Welcome to my personal blog about men care, cosmetics, health and other issues related to well-being from the perspective of a guy.

The idea of this blog came up after realizing the existing lack of blogs and websites in Portuguese that provide complete and quality information about this whole universe, in spite of the numerous blogs dedicated (mostly) to the female audience.

Although there are various girls' blogs talking about beauty and well-being, we have to recognize and admit that men-care is sometimes a different universe that deserves special attention. Of course some of the tips provided by girls are useful and quite relevant, and we should profit from them, but to me it seems much more interesting to enhance and build my knowledge about men's care from websites and blogs written by men.

My intention here is not only to relate my personal experiences regarding the products I use or have the intention to use, but also to demystify, mostly and especially for Brazilian readers, who have the opinion that taking care of our skin and body is so much of a fussy or gay thing

Feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Je parle Français. Hablo Español. Ich spreche Deutsch. Parlo italiano.

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